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We supply the parts for the hardware industry


At Tollman Spring Company we service a diverse set of companies and OEM’s within the hardware industry. Our springs, stampings, and wire forms are used in a wide array of component parts like hinges, latches, locks, and many others. 


Decades of work in the hardware industry have given us valuable experience that proves us to be a top option in offering our partners the best possible support, from the beginning to the end, of their production processes. As a certified supplier with the highest of standards in quality, we maintain cutting-edge machinery and equipment with the corresponding expertise to play an active role in your project if desired.

Contact Us


Contact us to learn more about our springs and pressings for the hardware industry.

With more than 75 years as a spring manufacturer, at Tollman Spring, we are proud to offer a wide range of springs and pressings for a vast range of industries.

If your company operates within the hardware industry and is looking for high-quality products, please inquire with us.

91 Enterprise Drive

Bristol, CT 06010

Connecticut, USA


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