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Tollman Spring is committed to quality-control from initial design through pre-production to shipping, follow-up, and every step in between.


Tollman delivers on this commitment by ensuring the quality of all parts through accuracy of the Production Part Approval Process (P.P.A.P.), timeliness, reliable completion of orders, and the safety and effectiveness of all packaging and shipping procedures. With this, we maintain Tollman’s commitment to top-notch customer service.


As an ISO 9001/2015 registered company, Tollman controls all aspects of the manufacturing process using SPC on dimensions that are critical to quality. And Tollman’s Quality Assurance Program meets, or exceeds the stringent requirements of America’s most demanding companies.

Engineering & Design

Tollman’s expert engineering staff stands ready to work directly with your designers to meet customized spring design and cycle life requirements and achieve maximum performance of your products.


In addition to helping you with the pre-production design of new parts, our engineering and design experts can help improve the performance of your existing products.  Tollman’s up-front involvement in the design of customer products saves time and money.

Spring Engineering
Warehouse Exterior


Tollman Spring Company has 25,000 square feet of conveniently located, climate-controlled warehouse space to ensure JIT delivery on blanket orders and Kanban deliveries.


Simply put, our warehousing capabilities ensure that Tollman customers get their products when they need them.


Proper packaging is critical in the spring industry, as carelessly packed springs can arrive at your door damaged or tangled.


To ensure the safe delivery of all Tollman products, we have the capability to pack on tacky board, wires, pins, tubes or bundles.

Spring Grinding

Secondary Operations

Tollman’s secondary capabilities give us the ability to make parts that can’t be completed on primary equipment.


These include: the provision of pre-production samples, low-volume sample orders and special packaging requests.

Value Added Services

In support of our many capabilities, Tollman Spring Company offers our customers a wide range of value-added services to meet their every need, including:

  • E.D.I.

  • Kanban

  • Bar Coding

  • Plating

  • Tumbling

  • SPC

  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Level 1, 2, 3

  • In-House Tool Room

  • Prototypes

  • 20-Hour Workday

  • Shot Peening

  • Stress Relieving

  • Flexible Material Capabilities

Hardening Ovens
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