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About Tollman Spring Company

In 1945, Don Tolli started the Tollman Spring Company in a small facility in Southington, Connecticut. Currently, Tollman Spring operates from its state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing facility on Enterprise Drive in Bristol, as well as a nearby satellite facility, where more than 100 employees work. Since 1945 Tollman Spring Company has served as a leader in world-class service and reliability in the manufacturing of a wide variety of springs, four-slide stampings, wire forms, and wired products for customers locally, nationally, and internationally. We have valuable experience through long-standing relationships with some of the most reputable companies in the automotive, defense and firearms, electronics, hardware, machines and tools, and medical industries. Today in the medical industry, many wearable medical devices, single-use applicators, syringes, and diagnostics testing systems utilize a combination of compression, power, and constant force springs, along with metal stampings. Many of which, we specialize in manufacturing at the highest level of quality. 

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Tollman Spring Fourslide

At Tollman Spring Company our engineers, tool makers, sales team, and support staff work cohesively to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. At Tollman Spring, we are firmly committed to quality and service first. Our 75+ years of experience has provided us with invaluable knowledge and expertise that has prepared us for the rapid growth in innovation that we see in our world today. This experience, knowledge, training, and familiarity serves us well in assisting all customers, in all industries allowing us to produce precision products on time, and in accordance with our customer’s specifications and needs. Our modern production facilities feature sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment designed to complete jobs effectively and efficiently. At Tollman we regularly invest in the best equipment available to ensure that we are sustainability-centered, technologically current, and positioned to remain competitive in the global marketplace for decades to come.

Tollman people are dedicated to getting the job done right and on time.


Tollman Spring is committed to providing the highest quality products – on time and according to the most exact customer specifications. An ISO 9001/2015-registered company, Tollman controls critical aspects of the manufacturing process using statistical process controls that are so vital to ensuring quality. Our staff can provide multi-levels of the Production Part Approval Process (P.P.A.P.s) in a timely fashion, and our quality department ensures that every control is in place to guarantee that Tollman products meet every customer need.

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91 Enterprise Drive

Bristol, CT 06010

Connecticut, USA


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