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Tollman Spring is committed to quality control – from design and pre-production to shipping and follow-up. Tollman delivers on that commitment by ensuring the quality of all parts, accuracy of the Production Part Approval Process (P.P.A.P.), timeliness and completeness of orders, and the safety and effectiveness of all packaging and shipping procedures. It’s all part of Tollman’s commitment to top-notch customer service.

Inspection Equipment

11 Comparators 12-30”
1 Spring Tester 0-10 lbs.; accurate to .002
4 Spring Testers 0-200 lbs.; accurate to .001
5 Larsen Auto Testers 0-10 lbs.; accurate to .0002
1 Spring Tester 2000 maximum; accurate to .3 grams
2 Cycle Testers  
1 Rockwell Hardness Tester  
1 Aluminum Tester 1000 lbs. maximum
1 Recharger 12.5 lbs. maximum

Computer-controlled X Bar & R Charts
Histograms CPK Values and Advance Spring Design


As an ISO 9001/2008 registered company, Tollman controls all aspects of the manufacturing process using SPC on dimensions that are critical to quality. And Tollman’s Quality Assurance Program meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of America’s most demanding companies.