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All of Tollman’s four slide tooling is designed and built by our own, highly experienced tool and die makers. Four slide machines often prove to be the most economical way to produce intricate springs, stampings and wire forms. They can also cost substantially less than power press tools, thereby lowering start-up costs. In addition, complex forming operations that cannot be completed on a power press (without expensive secondary operations) can be formed easily on a four slide.


Four Slide equipment currently used by Tollman Spring:

1 700 LV .005-.031
11 Nilson 700L .005-.031
5 Nilson #0 .015-062
8 Nilson #S1 .015-094
9 Nilson #S1F .015-.094
1 Nilson #S3 .021-.187
2 Nilson #3SF .021-.187


6 Bridgeports
8 Surface Grinders
6 Drill Presses
2 Lathes
1 Band Saw
1 Belt Sander
2 Induction Heaters
6 Heat Treat Sampling Ovens
2 25-hp Gardener Denver Air Compressors
7 Electronic Count Scale Systems
1 75-hp Gardener Denver Air Compressor
2 Air Dryers
1 After Cooler
2 Tool Hardening Furnaces
1 Haas VF-2 Milling Center
  Power Pay Offs
42 In-Line Furnaces
3 Batch Furnaces
3 Forklifts
2 Cutoff Saws
1 Blue M Inert Gas Oven
  Key Creator 6.0