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Our Products

Industries Served

Car Engine


For anything from exterior latches to interior lock, handle, and clip mechanisms.

Hardware Edit .jpg


Our springs, stampings, and wire forms are used in a wide array of component parts like hinges, latches, locks, and many others. 

Lab Experiment


Our products are used in a variety of applications within the medical industry. We manufacture components for wearable devices, syringes, inhalers, diagnostic laboratory equipment, and many others.

Sniper Rifle


We service many companies within the defense industry. Our products are used for firearms and weapons systems in a variety of ways ranging from magazine and recoil springs to pins and many other components.

Machine Engine

Commercial & Industrial

At Tollman Spring Company we service a diverse set of companies and OEM’s within the industrial and commercial goods industry.

Modern Bridge


The diversity and range of customizability we offer in our capabilities allows us to service companies from many other industries as well. No matter what industry you belong to, we have the capability to assist in bringing your product to life. 

Motherboard Installation


Our products are used in a wide array of electronic components like switches, circuit breakers, display mechanics, battery contacts, lighting solutions, and many others. 

Industrial Drill

Machines & Tools

Our springs, stampings, and wire forms are used in a wide variety of components within machines and assemblies such as tractors, cranes, lawnmowers, truck beds, and many others. 


Customer Collaboration

At Tollman Spring Company our engineers, tool makers, sales team, and customer care team work cohesively to serve our customer’s needs. We are firmly committed to a high standard in quality and service throughout each of our collaborative partnerships. Our 75+ years of experience has provided us with invaluable knowledge and expertise that has prepared us for the rapid growth in innovation that we see in our world today. This same experience, knowledge, training, and familiarity allows us to assist all of our customers, from each and every industry, in producing precision products on time and in accordance with their specific needs.


Our modern production facilities feature sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment designed to complete jobs effectively and efficiently. At Tollman, we regularly invest in cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure that we are sustainability-centered, technologically current, and positioned to remain competetive in the global marketplace for decades to come. We are ready to bring your product to life and join in your journey toward distribution. Contact us today to see how we can work closely with you, not only to reach your production goals, but also add value along every step of the way.


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With more than 75 years as a spring manufacturer, at Tollman Spring, we are proud to offer a wide range of springs and pressings for a vast range of industries.

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Connecticut, USA


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